Leather & Fabric

We have been manufacturing designer and bespoke chesterfields, chairs, and footstools since 1981. From that hard-earned experience, we have developed a sharp eye for quality when it comes to picking the finest leather and fabrics. We have also established a great selection of contacts in the leather manufacturing business to ensure we are getting the best of the best quality we can get our hands on.

While we have our favourite leather selections, we aren't limited to a pre-selected range. You are welcome to pick and choose from any usable leather or fabric you'd like. If you are unsure which to choose from, you are welcome to visit our showroom and we can show you a range of samples and display lounges for you to inspect in-person. We'd also be happy to assist you with picking a material that suits the look that you're after.

If you have a particular material in mind, we'd be glad to work with you to integrate it into your furniture. Please bring it in with you so we can inspect it for suitability for your application.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Below are only a few of the leather options available to you.