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"What is real leather?"

The following signs of its natural origins give leather its characteristic looks without detracting from its value and hardwearing performance. Growth and vein marks are shown in the same way as wood grain shows the age of a tree. These reveal the age of the animal, ranging from pronounced lines in the neck area to subtle marks around the spine; these are hallmarks of genuine leather. Known in the leather upholstery trade as "scar marks". The life history plays a part in giving your furniture a unique and individual character.

Ageing in the first few weeks leather will acquire perfectly natural creases and wrinkles. It will stay supple and improve with age developing a rich patina over the years ahead. The leather is normally cut from the central part of the hide, which has a tighter grain and strength but may feature healed scars or list growth marks.

Leather and finishes

We use only the best selection of quality English & European leather hide available; there is a huge selection of leathers available.

E.g. Antique two tone leather which is commonly used on the traditional Chesterfield range of furniture, waxed & aged distressed hides which are aniline pull up which is a hand dyed finished leather. They can be used both in traditional and classical furniture, which contributes to the aging appearance.

Plain pastel leather is also available for a more modern traditional appearance.


To ensure lasting quality suppleness and good looks never use saddle soap, aerosols, waxes or any unspecified furniture polishes. Cleaning and care kits can be obtained from us and any advice can be obtained from our sales department.

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