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Churchill Chesterfields in the Media!

If you haven't seen the latest TV ad for Bundaberg Rum, you can watch it here. And in case you're wondering why we appear to be promoting alcohol on a custom-made furniture website, the answer can be seen in these pictures...

Yes! That sumptuous, comfortable leather armchair the gentleman is sitting in was made by us, right here at Churchill Chesterfields!

We were surprised and excited when the people from Bundy Rum approached us and asked us whether they might feature one of our pieces in their advertisement. And whilst we don't usually see our furniture adorn riverbanks, we must admit that the armchair lends the landscape a certain feel of luxury, of timeless class and elegance...

The Churchill Chesterfields team are delighted to be receiving sudden and unsolicited attention from the media - in fact we've also just agreed to let Johnnie Walker use our furniture in one of their upcoming advertisements - but we're also certain that we deserve this honour. There's just no substitute for quality and our furniture obviously speaks for itself.

If you'd like to add some class, elegance and luxury to your home or office with one of our custom-made pieces, please feel free to contact us here.

There will be even more media appearances by Churchill Chesterfields coming soon so watch this space for updates!