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Upholstery Leather & Finishes

We use only the best selection of quality English & European leather hide available; there is a huge selection of leathers available.

E.g. Antique two tone leather which is commonly used on the traditional Chesterfield range of furniture, waxed & aged distressed hides which are aniline pull up which is a hand dyed finished leather. They can be used both in traditional and classical furniture, which contributes to the aging appearance.

Plain pastel leather is also available for a more modern traditional appearance.

Foam, Seating and Padding

Each and every piece of furniture has a different shape therefore seat density and back density differs from item to item to get the correct comfort of seating, therefore we have several options of seating available using the highest quality fillings, ranging from very firm, medium, soft, fibre, feather cushions. Every cushion on each item of furniture is detachable, as they appear attached to the furniture from the rear bottom back of the cushion, we use a simple solution to stop the cushions sliding off the furniture by having a fixing hook & loop (Velcro) leather flap at the bottom back of the furniture. Our most commonly requested seat cushion is our medium density.

All foams used in our manufacturing are of the highest quality resilience all carrying a 10 year warranty, all are standard fire resistant.

We have developed a superior back support unit for our Chesterfield range, with our own unique style using a large super loop spring. Each back spring is individual fitted and hand built in the traditional way and tied in to give a full traditional sprung back unit where allowing a softer back for the Chesterfields and more comfortable support..


The button not only helps to give a traditional look to the furniture but also serves a great purpose in helping to retain tension and shape. The buttons are securely attached and individually sunk to the required depth by hand not allowing them to come loose.


The upholsterer, in keeping with the traditional appearance, individually tacks all studs into the furniture. Our range of studs are from an antique on steel, bronze renaissance and optional extra brass finish.